Dawn of the Tiglio history.

The political situation in 1926, the years after the big war, was slowly going back to normal. The economical situation was still su ering, but the industrial and commercial activities were stabelising. It was under these circumstances that Flavio Guelfi , age 22 and married with 2 children, started his career and set up his own business as a


With all his courage and capacities as a strong worker, socialiser and manager, he started making wooden clogs and slippers with uppers in leather and fabric.

His wife Nella supported him in the workshop, together with neighbours and workmen. They cut, pieced, punched and sewed by hand to make shoes for all kinds of people. This is how Flavio Guel , born 1900, started his business.






From the 30’s to the 50’s

The shoe producing company Tiglio was founded in 1929. The written documentation of those years was lost unfortunately, but testimonials speak of an intense activity which was appreciated.

The second World War made it very di cult to source the materials for shoemaking, but nevertheless Flavio continued his activity. More articles were then produced in leather, hide and rubber both for men and women which spread throughout Italy. During these years the brand Tiglio was born and gained ground. The company structure management as well as the education of the workers thrived. Skills were provided, enhanced and taught, raising the working skills to a certain perfection.

The shoemaking industry Tiglio took shape, and the status grew from Tiglio di Flavio Guelfi into the company Shoe factory Tiglio del Sig. Flavio Guel & sons. From there onwards, it was the family concern to work towards an economical development of the company and confrontation with the competition.

On picture: Comm. Flavio Guelfi (1900 - 1981), founder of Tiglio.


Dagli anni 1949 al 1960

Tiglio o cially patents Termos, a slipper in wool with a rubber foam sole, and specializes in leather shoes. At the same time various collections for use indoors are developed, namely slippers; it was destined to be the inauguration of this article which made Tiglio a nationwide leader, and in 2016 still maintains this position in this eld. The historic scene involved destruction and turbulence, lots of civil and industrial buildings were destroyed. The bombing damaged the Guel ’s company too, but luckily the after-war reconstruction proceeded at a good pace. Tiglio was rebuilt on a larger scale and with a bigger production capacity; in the same place, Navacchio, close to Pisa.

The production took o exceptionally well and grew to over 200 employees. Flavio was lled with pride when his two sons joined the company; Oriano in 1940 and Franco in 1950. To both the passion and the technical skills were transmitted.

In the photo, Oriano Guelfi (at the left) and Flavio Guelfi (in the center) present the slipper Termos at the “Trofeo Industria e Commercio” of Grosseto in 1950.


From the 60’s to the 80’s

While the company continued its development with a constant desire to update and innovate, new brands were born: Go-Scarpa and Comodì were intended to diversify the Tiglio production. In this historic moment of a social-economical boom, the Tiglio company carried 4 divisions: Tiglio, Stivy, Shoework, Mipa. They all produced for the brand Tiglio. 4 names for one brand, one aim: comfortable shoes for leisure. Tiglio was the rst-born, in the time when sports shoes were being used also during leisure time. Tiglio created the Go-Scarpa, the shoe to move in freedom and comfort. The love for marathons spread, and Tiglio used all it’s strength on the market to push the trend and therefore organized, as the sponsor, various Go-Scarpinate. “Run and go” was a motto of the moment, and Tiglio keept on being dynamic and up-to-date; always on the lookout for changes of taste, as much as for technical innovations in the shoe sector, ready to give the consumer an answer to his needs.


The second generation, Oriano and Franco, lead the company, until in 1985 the third generation’s Fausto Guelfi, Oriano’s son, took over the manager’s role. Franco advised alongside.

Nella foto: 1983. Advertising Go-Scarpa.


Tiglio today: the fourth generation

In 2004 Franco’s children Claudia and Maurizio, and in 2010 Fausto’s daughter Diletta became part of the company, Tiglio achieved the ambitions and goals of the 4th generation. They are dedicated to give Tiglio perpetuity through constant updating and resourcing, innovation and growth. They continue the founder’s philosophy with passion: enhance people’s health, comfort and wellbeing passing through their feet.