Tiglio: Italian Tradition from1926

Today we are a global company, the projecting centre in Navacchio in the province of Pisa and production located in various countries including Italy. Hundreds of thousands of people choose to buy our shoes every year.

Our sta , our consultants and their partners are all united by the Tiglio spirit and the desire to o er our clients the best possible deal; the best combination of style, comfort and price. We base our development on ethics, honour and responsibility, and invite our suppliers and partners constantly to act accordingly.

Tiglio has achieved a complete and advanced expression of the design and business philosophy of “quality at low cost” applied to the world of footwear.
At home, at work and leasure time, Tiglio makes life and the toils of everyday life easier and rewardingly lighter with comfortable footwear which respect the health of feet and wellness of people.
The footwear consciensely combine innovation, style, comfort and low price and are the product of a consolidated manufacturing tradition by expert craftsmen since 1926. In fact Tiglio can boast of ninety years of footwear art and is one of the oldest Italian footwear production companies.



Our Values

Tiglio is based on solid foundations. Our commercial attitude “style, quality and comfort at the best possible price” is as clear as our values which are based on the fundamental respect of the individual. 

We add further values like simplicity, resourcefulness and great attention towards the costs; an open state of mind, clarity and achieving further paths of improvement. 

These values represent ‘the Tiglio spirit’ and are still the same as when back in 1926 Flavio Guelfi started making the first wooden clogs and slippers with the uppers in textile or leather materials.


5 Principles of behavior

  • Professional commitment;
  • Respect for people;
  • Integrity;
  • Loyalty;
  • Solidarity.


4 Principles of action

  • Respecting lawfulness; 

  • Respecting the environment; 

  • Respecting health and safety at work; 

  • Respecting the worker’s rights which rule the actions of the working progress.


Quality control

Tiglio considers quality as an essential pre-requisite. The production of the shoewear is in Italy and in other countries. The company technicians supervise and control the production sites with their know-how and experience. Tiglio carries out numerous inspections, directly on site, to verify and guarantee the quality of production and distribution to the required standards. In detail, the quality inspections done by Tiglio help to:

  • Assure the safety of the product before shipment; 

  • Minimize the amount of faulty product; 

  • Identify goods that contain non standard and non complient components; 

  • Eliminate shipment delays.



Corporate Social responsability

WEfeel we carry a responsibility to promote social improvement, and to reduce the impact our products have on the environment. Our clients always need to be able to have the conviction that the purchased Tiglio items have been produced with maximum respect towards environment and its inhabitants.
We always try to supply thought-through articles, produced and transported respecting human rights and with a minor impact on the environment.
Our products need to be long-lasting, comfortable, well made, functional and free of noxious chemicals.
Tiglio’s commitment to sustainability is an investment both in the client’s sup- ply, and in the community we operate in, positively a ecting the company’s progress on the long term.
We select the best suppliers, helping them to be more respectful of the environ- ment, incorporating the laws and restrictions necessary..